Here, we'll talk about shifting ownership of your project away from you, the Project Manager. There's two roles when it comes to projects: Project Managers and Project Members. To learn more about the difference, click here.

Currently, there is no way to shift ownership from a Project Manager to a Project Member within the application. That doesn't mean it isn't possible! Simply use the chat bubble in the bottom right of the application or right here on this page to request a project change of ownership. After a bit of verification, we'll be able to make the change for you on our side.

The user who will be the new Project Manager, but already need to be a Project Member within the account, so be sure to add them first before reaching out.

Once the Project Manager is changed to the new user, the old Project Manager will now become a Project Member. If you're looking to fully delete your account after a change of ownership, read more on that process here.

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