Need to chat through a project with a Specialist or re-align with your Success Manager on next month's goal. Here, we'll walk you through scheduling a Strategy Session in the byDesign Workspace.

When logged in, simply select the "Create +" button in the left navigation bar. You will find this under your profile module in the navigation bar. In the pop-up, select the button on the far right titled Strategy Session. You'll now be presented with a dropdown. Select the team member you'd like to schedule a time with. Once selected, click the button Schedule. A pop-up will now appear with the team member's real-time availability. Select a date and time that works for you, then hit confirm. All your details are pre-filled, so the last step is just hitting Schedule Event.

An invite will be sent to both parties, and the Strategy Session will be tracked in your project within the byDesign Workspace so you always know when your next Strategy Session is scheduled and how many you have available for the rest of the month.

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