The dashboard is the default view for the byDesign Workspace. You can access this anytime however by clicking the Dashboard button in the left side navigation bar. The Dashboard of the byDesign Workspace is the home for everything going on with your project.

Project and Usage Summary

In the first section, you'll see an overview of your plan usage.

  • Starting with Request Completed, you'll be able to see how many requests have been completed during your current billing period compared to the last billing period.

  • Next, see (in real-time), the amount of Specialized Hours you've used this month, and how many you have remaining.

  • Finally, you're able to see how many Strategy Sessions you've used this month and how many you have remaining.

In the top right of this group, you'll also be able to see your next scheduled Strategy Session. If you don't see one, now might be a good time to schedule one! Click here to learn how to schedule a Strategy Session.

Strategy Session Recap

Next, you'll see a list of your five most recent Strategy Sessions. Clicking on View Notes, will pull up a pop-up where you'll be able to view the notes left by your Success Manager or Specialist during the session. These are available for you to look back on and see what was discussed or maybe what the next required action items from you might be.

Requests Overview

Unlike the Project Board (or All Requests), this gives you the two most recent requests from each request status. Clicking into any of these cards brings up the Request Record for that request. Click here to learn more about the Request Record. The requests are ordered in the following way.

  • Needs Client Attention are the requests that we need something from you on. Whether it be access to a document, additional details, or feedback.

  • Open are the requests that have been submitted, but have yet to be assigned or started.

  • In-Progress are requests that are currently being worked on by our team.

  • Recently Completed are your two most recently completed requests.

  • Overdue are requests are requests that are still in-progress and are past the request due date. Our goal is that this is always empty!

If you're looking for a full list of all your requests, navigate to the Project Board by clicking All Requests in the left side navigation bar. Learn more about the Project Board by clicking here.

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