The Request Record is the single-view for any particular request. It allows you to leave comments, access files, and see an overview of everything related to a task.

When you click on request whether it be in your Dashboard, Project Board, or from your notifications, a pop-out will appear on the right side of your screen.

This is broken down into four sections.

  • General Information

  • Files

  • Comments

  • Most Recent Activity

Here are some things that you can do with the Request Record.

  • View important information associated with the request, such as the due date, it's status, who's assigned to it, and if a Specialized Hours request, how much time as spent on it.

  • You're able to comment on the task at any given time, to give us additional information or answer any questions.

  • If the request is a done state, you'll also see a Submit Revisions button above the Comment button. Simply type in your feedback or changes in the comment box and click Submit Revisions.

  • See the most recent activity with a request by scrolling to below the text box.

  • Preview and download any byDesign Files that our team has uploaded.

  • Preview, download, delete, and upload any additional files in the Client Files section.

The Request Record is home for any particular request, and gives you all the information you need a singular view.

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