byDesign prides itself on not locking our clients into contracts or commitments, and instead offer flexibility when it comes to our plans. As a small team, needs shift constantly, and we get that. Which is why we allow you to change your plan month to month depending your needs.

Only Client Managers are able to change plans. If you're a Client Manager, click the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen. You'll be connected to byDesign Support who can help you update your plan.

Plans can not be downgraded in the middle of the month, since we do not offer refunds. Plan downgrades will take effect the following renewal period, so you will not lose the benefits of your current plan for the remainder of your renewal period.

Plan upgrades can happen in the middle of a billing period and the cost will be prorated dependent on the previous plan. Your new plan features will take effect and you will be billed the prorated amount immediately after the plan change. Your typical renewal date will not be changed and you will automatically be billed for your new plan on the next renewal date.

If you're looking to make a change on your plan, it must be made 24 hours before your next renewal date. We do not offer refunds on already paid plans, even if you're just downgrading your plan.

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