• The action icons on the top right of the Request Record have a new hover over effect and color. These icons include the icon to copy the URL of the request to your clipboard, follow/unfollow requests, and close out of the request. This helps make it easier for users to understand that they are hovering over buttons they can click.
    With hover:

  • A new icon has been added that enables you to copy the request's unique URL to your clipboard. Simply click on the new icon (see image below) and the URL will automatically copy to your clipboard. You will see a confirmation message each time you do this. This makes it extremely easy to quickly refer back to a request when working with your team.

  • A timestamp has been added to all comments and notifications.

  • [Internal] Designers and Specialists are able to access the profile page for each client from the Request Record pop up. To do this, Designers and Specialists should click on the name of the client that appears above the name of the request on the Request Record. Clicking on this directs the user to byDesign's internal client profile page which has pertinent information, including all of the brand assets. This will make it easier and faster for Designers and Specialists to get up to speed when working with new clients.


  • We have enhanced the experience to follow and unfollow requests. When you are viewing a request, you will see a bell icon. If you are already following the request, the bell icon will be black. If you are not, it will be grey. If you are not following the request and you click the bell icon, you will see a green banner confirming that you will receive updates about the request. If you are already following the request and you click the bell icon, you will see a blue banner confirming that you will no longer receive updates about the request. Following a requests means that you will receive notifications about the request. Unfollowing a request means you will not receive any.

  • Clients with a lot of requests or tasks on their account (50>) were experiencing slow performance when loading the All Requests/Project Board page. This was because the page was loading all of the requests or tasks at once. This has been fixed by making it so that the All Requests/Project Board page loads up to 10 tasks or requests at a time. It will load more as you scroll down the page.


  • [Internal] Success Managers creating Design or Specialized Hours requests were seeing the information they filled out for the "Description" populate to the field for "Relevant Links" on the Request Record. This has been fixed and the "Relevant Links" field is not being populated by the "Description".

  • [Internal] Designers and Specialists are no longer able to change the assignee on a task/request. This is important because if the assignee was changed, they would lose access to the task/request.

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