• We've enhanced the ability for users to review details about each request. Rather than seeing these details in a pop up that takes up the whole screen, these details are neatly organized in a module that floats on top of the existing page and takes up <50% of your screen. This redesign also makes it easier for you to access the details you're looking for by enabling you to show or hide certain details of the request (description, files, comments, activities).

  • The All Requests/Project Board has been modified to be grouped by status and then each grouping is sorted by the due date in descending order.

  • [Internal] Designers and Specialists are now able to change the due date of a request to accommodate for requests that need more time than originally planned.


  • [Internal] Previously, Success Managers and Admins were having issues when uploading files when creating a new Design or Specialized Hours request. Specifically, the name of the client kept changing/resetting every time a new file was uploaded on the pop up to create a new request. This has been fixed and the name of the client is no longer resetting.

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