Motion Graphics Add-On

Learn more about the Motion Graphics Add-On.

byDesign offers a variety of add-ons to the base byDesign Monthly subscription which allows our clients to expand on their marketing output. One of them is Motion Graphics.

The Motion Graphics Add-On is available to all clients and can be added to any base subscription for an additional $795 a month. byDesign has built an internal, highly-vetted dedicated motion graphics team that can help execute on any and all video needs you may have. Common use cases include…

  • Animated explainers about your product or service.
  • Editing, cutting, and subtitling videos for internal or external use.
  • Animated ads for places like Facebook or Instagram.
  • TikToks, Instagram Reels, and other short-form video content platforms.

Scope of Motion Graphics

Below is an outline of what is included within the Motion Graphics Add-On.

  • Animated Typography — Animated typography is moving text used to express ideas and tell stories. It is an effective tool for social media marketing.
  • Advanced Animated Titles — Advanced animated titles enhance existing video footage using a text overlay that draws focus to a specific feature or object in a video.
  • Animated Logos — Sometimes referred to as a production logo or vanity card, an animated logo brings your logo to life using original animation styles.
  • UI / UX Animations — UI / UX animations are a personalized way to bring your product to life by showing users what they’ll experience on your site or app.
  • Animated Graphic Loops — Whether on display at trade shows, events, or on your website, graphic loops are simple elements that animate in a seamless loop.
  • Product Animations — Unlike logo animations or kinetic text, product animations show how your product functions and behaves when customers use it.
  • Animated Ads — With a maximum of 5 minutes, animated ads are 2D animated assets ideal for digital advertising and social media.
  • Template Editing — We can customize your existing motion graphics templates or templates that you find through our Premium Stock libraries.
  • Transparent Assets — Transparent assets can be overlaid on your videos and images. They’re perfect for video intros, outros, and transitions.
  • Transition Effects — Transition Effects are a staple of motion graphics. They are used to move from one shot to the next in an engaging and interesting way.
  • Video Stitching — A crucial part of many videos, video stitching is used to seamlessly place two or more video assets together.
  • Subtitling — Subtitling adds text to any video that describes what’s being said or heard, and is great for making videos more accessible.

What’s Not Included

While the scope of our Motion Graphics Add-On is broad, there are a few things we aren’t able to do.

  • We’re unable to provide actual on-camera content. That means having a byDesign team member actually in front of the camera recording content for you. We have access to stock video libraries and can use these to round out videos if you don’t have the content yourself.
  • We’re unable to do any voiceovers. We don’t offer the ability to provide voiceovers on any video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • What is the turnaround time for these projects?
    • It totally depends on the scope of the project. Subtitling a 20 second video will take a day or two, while developing a full product explainer may take a week or two. We’ll be sure to give you an estimate after you submit your request!
  • Does the add-on give me an extra slot so I can keep using my graphic design and Marketing Hours as usual?
    • Yes! By purchasing the Motion Graphics Add-On, you’ll now have a dedicated Motion Graphics slot that is available anytime you need it. Meaning you can have graphic design and Marketing Hours requests going on at the same time you have a Motion Graphics request in-progress.
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