Notifications are critical to keeping you in the loop about what's going on. There are two type of notifications that come out of the byDesign Workspace. Let's start with the Slack ones.

Slack Notifications

Slack notifications are automatically trigged when a request status changes in the byDesign Workspace and sent directly to your main, dedicated Slack channel. All Slack notifications include a link that brings you straight to the Request Record in the application. Here are the instances where a Slack notification is sent.

  • When a request is started, a notification will be sent letting you know that it's been moved to in-progress, including the expected completion date, who's working on it, and the request name.

  • When there's an item that we need your attention on, we'll send a Slack notification letting you know what we need and the request name.

  • When something has been completed, the Slack notification will let you know who completed it, the request name, and a link to download the associated files.

Slack notifications are enabled by default and are unable to be shut off.

In-App Notifications

Notifications within the byDesign Workspace will appear in the bell to the right of your name and profile picture on the left side navigation bar. A red dot with a number will also indicate how many unread notifications you have. Clicking the bell will open up your unread notifications. Mark them as read to move them to the Read section or click the notification to automatically move it to Read. Below are instances of notifications you'll receive in the byDesign Workspace.

  • When a request you submitted or are a follower on, has been started, the due date has been changed, it's been completed, or it needs your attention.

  • When a request you submitted or are a follower on, has a comment made on it, or if any comment has mentioned you in it.

If there's a request you did not submit that you'd like to be a follower on, simply navigate to the request, open it and in the Request Record, click the bell with the text "Follow" to be added as a follower on the request.

Email Notifications

There are currently no email notifications available in the byDesign Workspace.

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