• Links and emails within comments are now automatically hyperlinked and can now be clicked to be opened. This eliminates the need to copy and paste a link from a comment.

  • All users will now be able to go back to a prior pop up/step when creating a new request with a new back button.


  • We've updated the text and positioning of the button for clients and Success Managers to leave revisions. This button now says: "Request Revisions" and is the last button option when leaving a comment.

  • We have updated some of the helpful text that you see when you create a new Design or Specialized Hours request. The updates are meant to be concise and more helpful.

  • [Internal] The Completed Request section of the Dashboard will only load a few completed requests when the page loads. However, as you scroll down it'll show more completed requests. This will help improve performance of the Dashboard for all internal users.


  • Fix: Previously, there were some issues with the downloading of files uploaded by another user. The download button would not always function and process the download. This has now been addressed, with all files accessible for download by all user types.

  • [Internal] Revision and assignment notifications with Slack now include all parameters, such as assignee name or request name.

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