byDesign Team Roles

Understand the differences between your Success Manager, a Designer, and a Specialist.

There are three main roles that you'll be working with day-to-day within byDesign. We'll break them down below.

Success Manager

A Success Manager is your dedicated, main point of contact for your account. A Success Manager is the one who takes your goals, objectives, and requests, and translates them to the Specialists and Designers. They ensure your requests are getting completed and meeting your goals. As the name implies, they ensure the relationship between you and byDesign is successful. If you ever have questions about your account, requests, or just need to chat, your Success Manager is your go-to.


A Specialist is someone who specializes in a specific field of marketing. Be it a copywriter, digital marketer, or content strategist, there the ones who complete your requests using Specialized Hours. They typically work with the Success Manager to bring the requests vision to life, but will also occasionally chat with you, the client, one-on-one to ask specific questions and get on the same page. Like your Success Manager, you can also schedule Strategy Sessions with Specialists to go over a specific project or objective you have in mind.


Our designers are the backbone of the design and creative byDesign produces. They work with Success Managers behind the scenes to produce quality graphic design work that is both high-quality and on-brand to your company.

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