Understanding Request Statuses

Understand how the different statuses of requests work.

There are multiple statuses within byDesign Workspace, and if you're new to byDesign, we want to make it easy to understand what they all mean!

  • Queued means a request has not yet been started, but is in the queue. This can either be a request you submit or one your Success Manager submits on your behalf.
  • In-Progress means that a request is on track to be completed by the stated due date and is currently being worked on by the Designer or Specialist.
  • Revision is another form of in-progress, except this means that the Designer or Specialist is working on revising the original deliverable based on your revision.
  • Needs More Info means that we require something from you to move forward. Be it additional information to understand the full scope, a missing file, access to a tool, or a multitude of other things. Once you provide this information via a comment in the request, and we see it, we'll move it back to In-Progress or Queued.
  • Ready for Approval means that the Designer or Specialist has finished and delivered the final product, and the Success Manager has reviewed it. It is now ready for your approval. You have the option to mark it as Complete and provide optional feedback, or Request a Revision. You can do so by clicking the green checkmark or red pencil icon to the right of the status.
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