Pausing & Resuming

Learn what it means to pause and resume your subscription at byDesign.

At byDesign, we allow you to pause and resume your subscription at any time via byDesign Workspace (coming soon).

There’s a few important things to know about pausing…

  • When you pause, your pause starts immediately and your Workspace account is locked.
  • You may only pause for up to 30 days (or one billing period) at a time.

How Billing Works

When your subscription is paused, you won’t be billed, even if your billing date passes during the pause. When it resumes, you will immediately be charged based on the number of days until your next renewal date and unused time during the pause.

When your subscription is resumed, you will be charged a prorated amount based on the number of days until your next renewal date minus the credited amount for unused time between the start of the pause and the date of resumption.

Note that if you decide to cancel your subscription during a pause, you will not be credited for unused time. There are no refunds for monthly subscriptions because of the nature of our service-based work.

Let’s break down an example.

Let’s say you’re on the $1,695 Premium plan. Your renewal date is August 20th. On August 8th, you decided to pause your subscription until September 1st. On September 1st, you will be charged for the prorated subscription for the dates of September 1st to September 20th (your next renewal date), but credited for the unused time between August 8th and August 20th. $1,695 divided by 31 days equates to $54.68 a day. So in this instance, you’d be charged 20 days times $54.68 ($1,093.60), but credited on the same invoice for 12 days times $54.68 ($656.16). In conclusion, on your resume date of September 1st, you’d be charged $437.44.

How to Pause Your Subscription

Pausing your subscription is coming to Workspace very soon. In the meantime, reach out to your Success Manager when you are ready to pause with a scheduled date of resumption. We’ll pause your subscription same-day and schedule it’s resumption.

How to Resume Your Subscription

If you’ve scheduled your resumption, there’s nothing you need to do! On the scheduled date, you’ll be charged (if billing date has passed) and your Workspace access will be resumed.

If you’d like to resume early, click the, “Resume Early” button within Workspace and we’ll get you back up and running same day!

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